Install WARMUP in your own server within your own data center.

WARMUP has tons of features and addons to better manage your ISP


We offer multiple features with WARMUP, which improves it functionality and increases its operational area.


Pre Installation Requirements

WARMUP is a Linux based Web Application, If you are interested in Installation of it at your Own Server, You must meet some requirements


Hardware Requirement

No Virtual Machines! We dont Install WARMUP on Virtaul Machine. You must have a dedicated Machine/Server for WARMUP with no other software in it. Hardware Requirement Depends on Number of Users you are going to put on it for authentication and tracking logs. For Upto 2000 Users a server machine with 8 core processor and 16 GB RAM is enough with 1 TB of Drive to store tracking Logs and Customer Data. More Requirements are discussed here.

Internet with Public IP

To Use WARMUP your Server Machine must be connected with Internet, If Internet is down due to any reason, Software will not Work. This Software can't be accessed offline even in Local Network, So Internet is basic key to use it. Similarly if you provide a Public IP, You can get extra benefits like: You can Point a domain to your Server, Install SSL Certificate, Use Smart Apps. These services are not available on Local IP. Although you can use it on Local IP but that IP must have Internet allowed.

Ready to Install?

If your Dedicated Machine is Ready to use with Internet Cable in it. Then you have to Install Ubunut OS in it. The Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa LTS Server is Required which can be downloaded from the Button below. Ubuntu Installation Guide along with IP Allocation Screenshot is given here. Please install OPEN SSH while Ubuntu Setup and also remember the Username, Password that you provided while Installation. Once Installation is done, Share your IP, Username, Password with us and we will do the rest from our end. If your Server is Local IP, Please Port Forward 21,22,80,443,3306 and 10000 to your Live IP in your Router(Mikrotik).

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions asked by our valued customers, which can also clear your doubts.

Do We Provide Source Code with Our Annual Packages?

No, We Don't. We Don't give access to our Source code or Database with these packages. You can buy License and Use it, It is our Long Term Support Software and you will be receiving regular updates while you pay for annual support.

Do We Install WARMUP on Virtual Machine?

No, We Don't. You Need a dedicated hardware with Internet Connectivity to use it.

Can We Use Local IP instead of Live/Public IP?

Addon you can but It will limit some functionalities of WARMUP like: Domain Pointing, SSL Installation, Smart Apps, Geo Location Module and etc. You must have Internet Allowed on Local IP to use this Software.

Can We Import our Users from Other Billing Softwares?

Addon You Can, You can download our Import Sample File, Fill it with your users data from other source and upload it. After that you can complete the user profile one by one.

Can I Use my own Logo, Background and Contact Information?

Addon You Can, As an Admin, You can go to WARMUP Setting > Basic Setting and Setup your Software Completely.

How we get future updates?

WARMUP is updated on regular basis for latest features and suggestion we receive from our valued customers. Updates are done automatically by our technical team and you don't need to perform any step. Admins will receive an alert on dashboard that your system will be updated on which specific time and how much downtime will you be facing in it.

Any Refund Policy?

No, Refund Policy at all!We have provided all the information, documentation, video tutorials and Live Demo for free and for everyone. Please lookup all these and then take a Final Decision, Once Purchased, The License is non-refundable.


Our Pricing Plans

WARMUP Self Hosted Pricing Plans are listed below. Choose the one that suits your needs and Purchase License. Once your License is Purchased, You will be redirected to customer portal where you can check your License key and Billing Information.

Demo / Free

Setup Fee (1st Time)$25

Annual FeeFree

NAS Allowed1

Users Allowed50

Tracking Logs

HR Module

Support Module

Stock Module

Expenses Module

Customer App

Staff App

SNMP Module


Setup Fee (1st Time)$200

Annual Fee$75

NAS Allowed20

Users Allowed2000

Tracking LogsAddon

HR ModuleAddon

Support ModuleAddon

Stock ModuleAddon

Expenses ModuleAddon

Customer App$50

Staff App$20

SNMP Module$50


Setup Fee (1st Time)$300

Annual Fee$100

NAS Allowed15

Users Allowed5000

Tracking LogsAddon

HR ModuleAddon

Support ModuleAddon

Stock ModuleAddon

Expenses ModuleAddon

Customer App$50

Staff App$20

SNMP Module$50


Setup Fee (1st Time)$400

Annual Fee$150

NAS AllowedUnlimited

Users Allowed10000

Tracking Logs$100 Seperate

HR ModuleAddon

Support ModuleAddon

Stock ModuleAddon

Expenses ModuleAddon

Customer AppAddon

Staff AppAddon

SNMP ModuleAddon


Setup Fee (1st Time)$500

Annual Fee$200

NAS AllowedUnlimited

Users AllowedUnlimited

Tracking Logs$100 Seperate

HR ModuleAddon

Support ModuleAddon

Stock ModuleAddon

Expenses ModuleAddon

Customer AppAddon

Staff AppAddon

SNMP ModuleAddon

WARMUP Addons and Extra Features

We offer extra Addons and Services for our customers

We provide such services you can't elsewhere.

Free Installation and Configuration

Dont't worry about installation and configuration, our team will set it up for you.

Software Updates

Updates play a major role in keeping developer and customer intact. We are gonna provide updates time to time for improvement .

Ux/Ui design

WARMUP's design is quite simple. All the modules are designed in a flow according to customer need which makes it easy to operate WARMUP.

Cheap Price

As WARMUP is a evolutionary solution for ISP's. So keeping it in mind we kept WARMUP's prices low, to make it affordable and easily accessible by anyone.

Customer Support

Our valued customers may find some problems with using WARMUP, to solve that problem we provide 24/7 customer service.To help our valued customers in every possible way.


If you are connected to Internet you are vulnerable to many dangers including security issues. Keeping it mind we made WARMUP as secure as we could to provide best user experience.